RARA Announces Racers for the 54th National Championship Air Races

National Championship Air Races


August 8, 2017

RARA Announces Racers for the 54th National Championship Air Races

Reno, NV – The Reno Air Racing Association today announced the lineup of racers for the 54th National Championship Air Races.

“We are beyond excited about our racing lineup this year,” Reno Air Racing Association COO Tony Logoteta said. “This is a great group of pilots and planes that we can hardly wait to watch fly in September.”

In the Biplane class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Andrew Buehler – Mistress

Andrew Buehler – Phantom

John D’Alessandris – RB Special

Casey Erickson – The Batplane

Tony Higa – Tango Tango

Alan Hoover – Panther

Jeffrey Lo – Miss Dianne

Anthony Oshinuga – Black Hawk

David Roelofs – Purse Snatcher

Jeffrey Rose – There Be Dragons

Roscoe Sharp – Race 45

Jake Stewart – Bad Mojo

Michael Stewart – Trouble Maker

Sam Swift – Smokin’ Hot

Scott Thomson – Miss Oyl

Eric Zine – Yellow Fever


In the Formula One class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Enrico Castellino – Spirit of Turin

Joseph Clark – Tigger

Yves Clarke – Outrageous

Timothy Cone – What Airplane, Honey?

Philip Goforth – Annie

Scott Holmes – Outlaw

David Holmgren – AeroMagic

Kent Jackson – Once More

James Jordan – Miss Min

Ross Killin – The Kraken

Jerry Marshall – Tumble Weed

Lionel Vincent Mougel – Hysteria

Paul Newman – Fast and Easy

Justin Philipson – No Strings Attached

Rick Poe – Sleeper

Swaid Rahn – Heat Stroke

Steve Senegal – Endeavor

Lowell Slatter – Fraed Naught

Steve Temple – Quadnickle

Steve Tumlin – Fiesty

Vito Wypraechtiger – Scarlet Screamer

Ryszard Zadow – Last Lap Player


In the Jet class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Jay Obernolte – Phenom 300

Vicky Benzing – Darkstar II

James Beyer – Starship

Charlie Camilleri – Miss Independence

David A. Culler, Jr. – American Patriot

Scott Farnsworth – Dash Force One

Joseph Gano – Sluggo

Nathan Harnagel – Reality Czech

Mark Johnson – Phoenix

Douglas King – Epic LT

Lawrence Labriola – Sarance

Robert McCormack – Wildest Dreams

Zachary McNeill – Invictus

Zachary McNeill – Phatty

Lachie Onslow – Drop Bear

Jon Socolof – Soko O’no

Dianna Stanger – Darkstar

Pete Stavrides – Rif Raf

Jeff Turney – Robin 1

Rick Vandam – American Spirit

Pete Zaccagnino – SkyShare Vampire


In the Sport class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Peter Balmer – Swiss Thunder

Matthew Beaubien – Low Motion

Vicky Benzing – Lucky Too

George Catalano – Bad Dingo

Stephen Christopher – Margarita!

Alan Crawford – Beast

Kevin Eldredge – Relentless

Andrew Findlay – One Moment

Benjamin Fouts – The Goose

Mark Frederickson – Tenacity

Louis Gabriel – Blind Luck

Abe Gaskins – Under Dog

Scott Gusakov – Tumbling Goose

Mathias Haid – Clas Thunder I

Eric Hansen – Ruby’s Throne

Conrad Huffstutler – Lancair Mako

Jeff LaVelle – Race 39

Tom McNerney – Unleashed

Bob Mills – Mojo

John Ryan Moran – Breaking Wind

Dave Morss – Martin’s Legacy

Kirk Murphy – Papa’s Ride

Jessy Panzer – Cruze Missile

John Parker – Blue Thunder II

Scott Prewitt – Phantom Rocket

David Robinson – Desert Lightning

Kevin Roll – Silver Bullet

Chris Schaich – Clamity Jane

Brett Schuck – Rat Rod

James Stringer – Rocket Six

Ernie Suter – Jus Pass’n Thru

Chiwami Takagi-Read – Sky Pirate

Mark ter Kuers – La Otra

Lee Ulrich – General Lee

Sean VanHatten – Seastar

Rick Vandam – Greenstreak

Vince Walker – Modo Mio

Dan West – Whiskey Tango

Peter Zaccagnino – Coming In Hot

David Sterling


In the T-6 class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Dennis Buehn – Midnight Miss III

Chris LeFave – Bare Essentials

John Lohmar – Radial Velocity

Nick Macy – Six Cat

Vic McMann – Gunslinger

Gene McNeely – Baby Boomer

Greg McNeely – Undecided

William Muszala – Miss Ellaneous

Lee Oman – Eros

Vitaly Pecherskyy – Abracadabra

Michael Pfleger – Midlife Madness

Ralph Rina – Race 73

Chris Rushing – Baron’s Revenge

Mike Scott – Miss Kathy

Peter Stavrides – Gotcha

Thomas Vaughn – Ole 58

Eric Woelbing – Miss TNT

Rick Siegfried – Pace


In the Unlimited class, the following racers are scheduled to participate:

Curt Brown – Sawbones

James Consalvi – Strega

Graeme Frew – Full Noise

Steven Hinton – Voodoo

Steve Hinton – Pace

John Maloney – Spam Can

John Muszala, II – Shanty Irish

Mark Murphy – Little Horse

Tom Nightingale – Bunny

Robert Patterson – Race #0

Warren Pietsch – Normandy Split

Michael Pfleger – Martlet

Michael Schiffer – Whistling Death

Brant Seghetti – Sparky/Blondie

Sherman Smoot – Argonaut

Joel Swager – Dreadnought

Bernie Vasquez – Texas Warhawk

Mark Watt – 924


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About the Reno Air Racing Association:

The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA), a 501(c)(3), holds the National Championship Air Races every September just north of Reno. The Reno Air Races have become an institution for northern Nevada and aviation enthusiasts from around the world. Last year’s event generated more than $66 million for the region’s economy. The event features six racing classes, a large display of static aircraft and several military and civil flight demonstrations. For more information on the National Championship Air Races, to obtain media credentials, volunteer or purchase tickets for this year’s event, visit www.airrace.org.



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