Merchandise Store Open

National Championship Air Races

Our new online merchandise store is open! Please check back frequently as we will be adding more items soon. If you are looking for something you don’t see, please call us in the office for assistance. 775-972-6663


  1. I haven’t been able to wear most of your shirts in the past few years since they are mostly cotton/poly blend. Why is it not possible to offer 100% cotton shirts and other clothing? I still can buy 100% cotton polo’s in Old Navy for $10, so cost isn’t the problem. As of now, I see no items for sale in the men’s clothing section of your online store.

  2. Unless you have an allergy to poly, they keep their shape better than 100% cotton and I think they last longer and look better.
    I’ve stopped buying at the air race because the vendors I frequented seem to lack quality in their hats and other clothing. Not much imagination either in their logos and stitched writing. Go downtown and get a better wearing piece.

  3. Want to buy more Reno Air Race shirts. The Dri Eqiipe one eere great. How do i buy more?

    • Hi Steve, This year’s shirts will be available at the races. You can also check out the online store for merchandise –

  4. Just bought my tickets for the Reno Air Racing , Im looking forward to flying over from the UK to be at the air races for the 2nd time in 7 years!! and to catch up with my ole friends again !! RACE ON.

    • We are excited to have you again this year! Safe travels.


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