2021 was the year the STIHL National Championship Air Races returned after we all weathered some of the most challenging circumstances on record. Generous donations from our dedicated fans and supporters are a vital element of the Reno Air Racing Association’s success, and we want to give our most sincere thanks to everyone who made a gift to help us emerge from the Covid shutdown in 2020 and back into air racing in 2021! Your donations not only helped make the past year possible, but also gave us the resources and energy to begin an exciting journey as we launch our 2022 STIHL National Championship Air Races and our new “Racing for the Future” campaign.

Our vision is to establish the Reno Air Racing Association as the pinnacle of inspiration, education, and exhilaration for people of all ages. Our success with our STEM education programming has now led to our first flight training scholarships and we have even more programs coming to life in the near future. We hope you will join us as we accelerate into this new chapter in our evolution.

Air racing is our passion, and we are using the excitement, history, and pageantry of our beloved sport to inspire the next generation of aviators, fans, and stakeholders. Your contributions are an important factor in making this possible, and we’d like to extend our deepest heartfelt gratitude to those who gave this past year.


Fred and Barbara Clark-Telling

$50,000 & Up

William Freeman
Mercer-Fraser Company
The Ray Foundation
Seymour Robin

$20,000 – $35,000

Fay Gregory
Joan And Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation

$5,000 – $10,000

Ronald Bath
Dennis And Tami Buehn
Clay Lacy
Finnegan Aviation Services, LLC
Donald Jensen
Shahin Mehrabanzad
Nevada Tri Partners, LLC
Joel Stinnett

$1,000 – $2500

Lisa Aguirre Simcoe
Thomas Bradley
Enterprise Holding Foundation
Curtis Johnson
John Krawczyk
Larry Labriola Foundation
Tony & Deanna Logoteta
James Macdougall
Frank & Carroll Marguire
Jerry Mowbray
Gil Shoham
Kent Snider
Roberta Thompson
Chuck Trousdale
Richard Wenzel
Abel Wilson

$101 – $500

Benevity Community Impact Fund
Aeroadvisors Inc.
Anonymous x 5
Roberta Bell
Charles Bowyer
Dennis P. Bryan
Kerry Chapman
Chevron Employee Match
Leon Corley
Lud Corrao
Stanley Crosswhite
Sid Dodd
Galen Gault
Jack Harrington
James Harris
Mike Henniger
Conrad Huffstutler
Cynthia Mcdonald
Dana Munkelt
Mr. & Mrs. Newlin
Don Permoda
Gregory Powell
Mike Qutermous
Betty Sherman
James A. Thornton

$51 – $100

Anonymous x 16
Antelope Valley 99’S
John Babbidge
Evan Bender
Eric Bocanegra
Jonathan Chan
James Dunn
Charles Flint
Dave Franks
Michael Frederick
Graeme Frew
Rande Gallant
Brian Garrett
Ron Gerber
Craig Gill
Marc Grundfor
Tanya Ice
John Jacks
Jim Jensen
Jerome Jessop
Chris Leeper
Roger Lemmel
Mark A. Magin
Walter Manning
Scott Mccue
Patricia Mcgovern
Todd Mcmaster
Maralyn Mencarini
James Messinger
Kyle Peirson
B Pratt
Richard Reinhardt
Edward Rij
Randolph Royce
C A Rumple
William Ryan
Bob Ryker
John Sewell
Lynn Shawback
Gregg Springer
David Tansley
Lauriston Taylor
The Mary P Hicks Trust
John Vargas
Paul Wells
Martin Wermes
Brian White

Up to $50

Applied Materials Foundation & Employees
Douglas Archdeacon
Joshua Awosoga
Todd Becker
Luke Bednarek
Nathan Biasotti
Chase Birks
Chris Bosco
Carl Bovee
John Bratcher
John Briscoe
Joseph Burkhart
Max Carley
Jeffrey Cohn
Jarathan Cook
Chris Cosfol
Anthony Cox
Jacob Crisler
Michael Darko
Austin Dyer
Ryan Eckstein
Steven Edmundson
Michael Evanger
Andrew Fearn
Allan Fisher
Mason Forkey
Trisha Gereaux
Jonathan & Stephanie Gilstrom
Josh Goulart
Brian Grant
Stu Greene
Cameron Gross
Alex Hair
Noah Hanifen
Kathy Harnack
Steven Hartness
Kenneth Herndon
Andreas Heyen
Anthony Hitchings
Oran Hollingsworth
Roger Howard
Marisa Irwin
Ronald Jermstad Jr
Stuart Katzen
Keaton Keene
Vernon Keener
Brian Kohl
Ron Kopa
Joseph Langlois
Matthew Lawless
Nancy Leases
Satn Luke
Richard May
Stu Mayerson
Peter Mccombs
Jeremiah Melin
Chris Menno
David Minnis
Matthew Molsen
Robert Montgomery
Kirby Moughon
Dana Nolan
Per Nordstram
Zak Nyberg
Sam Osman
Philip Perez
Jay Pitts
Tim Porter
Jayce Poshek
Ray Rasmussen
Clayton Relf
Roslynn Ricard
Shawn Robbins
Bryan Rohr
Michael Ryan
Dean Severns
Trish Sherman
Steven Shivers
Tyler Snyder
Anthony Sprayberry
Jonathan Stackhouse
Chris Stieber
Kent Stokes
Sara Stout
Gretchen Straatsma
Dan Stratton
Corey Sullivan
Masashi Tahara
Travis Thompson
Kevin Thompson
Eric Titus
Emanuele Tosoni
Jeffrey Tunison
Rachel Twine
John Weaver
David Wright
Jonathan Zaritz