On the heels of a record-setting Pylon Racing Seminar, the STIHL National Championship Air Races have released its full entertainment lineup for the 51st event to be held Sept. 10-14 at the Reno Stead Airfield. In addition to an expected full field of elite race pilots in the world’s fastest motorsport, military demonstration teams and several of the world’s top aviation performers will ‘race on’ to awe hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts and curious spectators. This year, in addition to the already announced F-22 Raptor, L-39 Patriot Jet Team and top female aerobat Melissa Pemberton, will be Breitling stunt pilot and world aerobatic champion David Martin, Mark Peterson and his Alpha Jet, the famed John Klatt Airshows team featuring the Jack Link’s Jet Waco “Screamin’ Sasquatch,” the poignant Heritage Flight, a UAV drone demonstration (pending FAA approval) and the Bentley Car demonstration and race. This year’s event will also mark the return of the wildly-popular car drop, where a car is actually dropped from a helicopter flying high above the race course.