A shaded, relaxing environment to view the activity and excitement of the Air Races. Includes private, flight-line seating. Prime location In the middle of the Pits, where the planes & the pilots “hang” & prepare for their next rush for the Gold.

Choice of quality on-site caterers offering a full range of food and beverage options, deep discounts on official Race attire, pampering by experienced service personnel… and your guests owe it all to you.

A limited offering for the company seeking Reno’s most unique and exciting venue for client or employee entertainment and appreciation. Give them the best — give them the National Championship Air Races.

Chalets in the Village are distinctive, quality tents set on the flight-line, traditionally fenced in low white picket, completely carpeted on flat ground with seasonal accent landscaping. Tasteful signage, customized with your logo or message will welcome your guests.

A concierge-style service area in the village will attend to any unanticipated need. Our goal is to anticipate your needs, and satisfy your goals and desires.

Chalet configurations are 40′ deep x 20′ wide (20′ under tent and a 20′ deep, fenced front patio area), and as wide as you require up to 60′, in 20′ increments. Private flightline seating provided for up to 25 guests per 40′ x 20′ chalet area.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Please contact us for further information or to make your reservation.