RARA Announces “GRADD-NVBAA STEM Education Discovery Zone” at 54th National Championship Air Races


AUGUST 14, 2017

RARA Announces “GRADD-NVBAA STEM Education Discovery Zone”
at 54th National Championship Air Races

Reno, NV – The 54th National Championship Air Races today announced that as part of the 2017 event, Global Robot And Drone Deployment (GRADD) and the Nevada Business Aviation Association (NVBAA) will expand offerings for youth education and host the “GRADD-NVBAA STEM Education Discovery Zone,” an area specifically designed to provide a richer science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and learning environment for youth of all ages, during race week.

“GRADD and NVBAA have worked with the Air Races for the last two years to provide thousands of youths and adults with learning experiences focused around aviation, 3D printing, robots, technology displays and safety training/operations using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and we are thrilled to expand our offerings this year,” NVBAA President Reza Karamooz said. “Whether young or old, the STEM Education Discovery Zone will be an incredible spectacle to behold amidst the excitement of the Air Races.”

This year’s STEM Education Discovery Zone will include more components than ever before, including re-imaginations of old technologies, like a PACMAN game experience packed in a vintage Samsonite briefcase and an old rotary phone repurposed to function like a cell phone. The Education Discovery Zone will also include virtual reality (VR) demonstrations, 8 flight simulator stations, a drone flight training area, plus wearable computers and sensors.

In 2015, GRADD and NVBAA launched their NV3D.org free 3D printing services at the National Championship Air Races. The service, which gives any student or teacher anywhere in Nevada the opportunity to bring 3D design and printing into their classroom by providing free software, training and printing for no charge, will again be present in the STEM Education Discovery Zone with four 3D printers working full-time.

Featured offerings in this year’s STEM Education Discovery Zone include:

  • 8 flight simulator stations
  • Drone Flight training area
  • HTC VIVE Virtual Reality (VR) Zone, including virtual reality flight simulators – letting users virtually pilot an aircraft
  • Interactive information touch-screens and interactive roving robots of all sizes
  • Wearable arm computers with special sensors and capabilities
  • Themed banners/posters on drones, aviation and 3D modeling
  • 3D virtual models of locations across Nevada and the globe
  • Four 3D printers working full-time – and much more!

“RARA is incredibly excited to work with GRADD and NVBAA to expand our educational offerings for the thousands of children who attend the Air Races either with their schools or other youth groups,” Tony Logoteta, COO of the Reno Air Racing Association said. “As a part of our partnership with GRADD and NVBAA,we will provide complimentary youth season passes  for students who participate in the Education Program Wednesday through Friday. These passes will also get the students into the event on Saturday and Sunday. Please contact the NVBAA at 702.879.9100 or via email at reza@nvbaa.org to arrange for your school, youth group or Scout troop to attend this year’s event and learn more about aviation.”

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About the Reno Air Racing Association:

The Reno Air Racing Association (RARA), a 501(c)(3), holds the National Championship Air Races every September just north of Reno. The Reno Air Races have become an institution for northern Nevada and aviation enthusiasts from around the world. Last year’s event generated more than $66 million for the region’s economy. The event features six racing classes, a large display of static aircraft and several military and civil flight demonstrations. For more information on the National Championship Air Races, to obtain media credentials, volunteer or purchase tickets for this year’s event, visit www.airrace.org.

About GRADD CO.:

GRADD CO. (Global Robot And Drone Deployment) is a Las Vegas-based Socially Responsible Nevada Corporation. GRADD is a leading technology firm in the areas of software and data analytics, using aerial and/or ground data. Some of GRADD’s industry partners include Intel, Sony, and Leica Geosystems. GRADD has developed and facilitated educational curriculum for Intel Corporation for 3D Modeling, 3D design, and 3D printing. GRADD provides complete solutions for commercial and governmental clients, from mission planning, to aerial and ground data collection, to data analytics, to delivering the final results as 3D aerial surveys, maps, and inspection reports. The team of experts at GRADD are ready to create 3D models and 3D aerial maps and surveys for your organization.

GRADD provides professional-grade computer-aided design (CAD) software and analytical tools, plus data collection and analysis services for a variety of industries such as; Precision Agriculture, Land Surveying, Energy, as well as Solar Farm and Wind Farm Inspections, Law Enforcement, Traffic Accident Reconstruction and 3D Aerial Mapping and Surveying.

GRADD supports local schools, and sponsors after-school clubs, and year-round internships for underrepresented youth in the Las Vegas area. GRADD also supports and funds the Aviation Post 888, serving youth 13 to 20 years old in the Las Vegas Area Council of Boy Scouts.

For more information about GRADD, call 702-879-9100, visit www.GRADD.co, follow us on Twitter (@GRADD_CO) or email info@gradd.co.

About NVBAA:

Nevada Business Aviation Association (NVBAA) is a Nevada 501(c)3 non-profit education charity based in Las Vegas. NVBAA supports the aviation, aerospace, and UAS industries throughout Nevada. NVBAA advocates for the expansion of STEM Education offerings for K-12 youth, economic development, airport infrastructure expansion and the creation of high-paying jobs in Aviation, Aerospace and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in the Great State of Nevada. NVBAA’s 450 members represent Nevada’s top aviation business, industry, and academia leaders, plus top government, and community representatives. NVBAA is the Nevada chapter of NBAA (National Business Aviation Association).

NVBAA supports local schools, and sponsors after-school clubs, and year-round internships for students interested in aviation in the Las Vegas area. NVBAA also supports and funds the Aviation Post 888, serving youth 13 to 20 years old in the Las Vegas Area Council of Boy Scouts.

Learn more about NVBAA at www.nvbaa.org, follow us on Twitter (@NVBAA) or email info@nvbaa.org.



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