After hours of preparation, certification, practice and dedication to the sport a total of 124 planes and 134 pilots signed off to compete in the 2019 air races. Please find the list of pilots, planes and alternates below.

Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Curt Brown Sawbones
Michael Brown Goldfinger
Jim “JD” Dale Pretty Polly
Brent Hisey Miss America
Tom Nightingale BUNNY
Rob Patterson Wee Willy II
Michael Pfleger Lady B
Brant Seghetti Blondie
Dennis Sanders Dreadnought
Sherman Smoot Argonaut
Joel Swager 924G
Dan Vance Speedball Alice
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Mark Moodie Bunny
Patrick Nightingale
Mark Watt 924G
Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Charlie Camilleri Blue Ice
Alexandre Eckmann Red Thunder
Scott Farnsworth No Compromises
Joe Gano Sluggo
Scott Gusakov Tumbling Goose
Nathan Harnagel Miss Piggy
Jerry Kerby Dark Shadow
Larry Labriola Sarance
Bob McCormack Athena
Lachie Onslow Drop Bear
Jeff Turney Robin 1
Rick Vandam American Spirit
Craig Wilcockson “WILCO” Miss Independence
Pete Zaccagnino Just Lucky
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Vicky Benzing Athena
Phil Fogg Robin 1
Kevin Roll Miss Independence
Michael Stieger American Spirit
Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Peter Balmer Swiss Thunder
Vicky Benzing Lucky Girl
George Catalano Bad Dingo
Joe Coraggio Ramp Rat’s Ride
Paul Downing Sport 36
Kevin Eldredge Relentless
Lynn Farnsworth Miss Karen II
Andrew Findlay One Moment
John Flanagan White Lightning
Mark Frederickson Tenacity
Louis Gabriel Blind Luck
Karl Grove GA1
Mathias Haid Clas Thunder I
Conrad Huffstutler Breathless
Jeff  LaVelle Race 39
Bob Mills Mojo
J. Ryan Moran Breaking Wind
Dave Morss Martin and Karens Legacy
Kirk Murphy Papa’s Ride
Skylor Piper Miss Ruby S
Scott Prewitt Phantom Rocket
Todd W. Rudberg Undaunted
Jim Rust Race 24
Chris Schaick Calamity Jane
Brett Schuck Rat Rod
Elliot Seguin Wasabinought
Steve Senegal Navy 8
James Stringer Rocket Six
Ernie O. Sutter Jus Pass’n Thru
Lee Ulrich General Lee
Rick Vandam Greenstreak
Sean VanHatten Havoc
Vince Walker Modo Mio
Dan West Whiskey Tango
Neil Wischer Triple Eight
Pete Zaccagnino Coming In Hot
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Mike Carrera Blind Luck
Marion Stemmer Modo Mio
Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Dennis Buehn Money Trap
Chris LeFave Midnight Miss III
John Lohmar Radial Velocity
Nick S. Macy Six Cat
Vic McMann Gunslinger
Gene McNeely Baby Boomer
Greg McNeely Undecided
Greg McNeely Almost Perfect
Bill Muszala Miss Ellaneous
Lee Oman Eros
Vitaly Percherskyy Abracadabra
Michael Pfleger Bare Essentials
Chris Rushing Barons Revenge
Joey “Gordo” Sanders Big Red
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Fred Telling Baby Boomer/Almost Perfect
Formula One
Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Robert Austin Hindsight is 20/20
Jason Barksdale Tony the Tiger
Matthew Coughlin Judy
Eric Dienst Outatime
Des Hart Sleeper
Philip Goforth QuadnickeL
Scott Holmes Outlaw
Matt Hughes Atomic Pumpkin
Kent Jackson Once More
James Jordan Miss Min
Ross Killin The Kraken
Chip Mapoles Miss USA
Jerry Marshall Tumbleweed
Justin Meaders Limitless
Matt Moore The ACME Special
Paul E. Newman Fast and Easy
Justin Phillipson No Strings Attached
Steve Senegal Endeavor
Tom Siegler Crazy 8s
Lowell Slatter Fraed Naught
Steve Temple Heat Stroke
Steve Tumlin Fiesty
Chris Weaver Mach Chicken
Ryszard Zadow Last Lap Player
Yingnan Zhou Outrageous
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Blaire Hamilton Atomic Pumpkin
Anandeep Pannu Fiesty
Tom Watkins Mach Chicken
Pilot Name Aircraft Name
Andrew Buehler Phantom
John A. D’Alessandris RB Special
Philip Ensley Magic
Kevin Harper The Yellow Bomber
“Tony” Minoru Higa Tango Tango
Dave Holmgren Rudolf
Alan “Cool Breeze” Hoover There Be Dragons
Alan “Cool Breeze” Hoover Panther
Nicholas Kellikidis Nice and EZ
Jeffrey Lo Miss Dianne
Scott McDonald Slow Roll
Patric McGarry Racer X
Anthony Oshinuga Black Hawk
Scott Prewitt Red Ryder
Tommy Suell Shake & Bake
Sam Swift Smokin’ Hot
Scott Thomson Second Hand
Eric Zine Yellow Fever
Alternate Pilots
(If not already racing)
Jeffrey Rose Second Hand

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