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High-tech F-22 Raptor and top female aerobatic pilot headline 2014 National Championship Air Races entertainment lineup

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The true Air Race experience is in the sights and sounds. It's the breathtaking aircraft, the roar of an engine. It's the take-off, the landing, the high speeds and the competition. The true experience is what you get each September. But for those of us who still need a fix every now and again, we have some photos and videos to keep you entertained for the other 51 weeks of the year. To check out the Air Racers 3D website go to

October 2013 - A great video from a fan Xavier Mestre

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Unlimited photo galleryUnlimited photo galleryUnlimited photo gallery

Here is the 2013 PRS group photo taken by Moose Peterson                                 View more images...

Podcast History

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September 2011
Interview with President and CEO of the Reno Air Racing Association, Mike Houghton

August 2011
Interview with Tony Crawford, Chick's Delight

July 2011
An Interview with Tim Neubert, announcer and owner of 2009 Formula One Gold winner - Invictus

May 2011
An interview with Thom Richard, 2009 formula one winner and 2010 jet class pilot.

March 2011
Interview with Gene McNeely, T-6 racer at the National Championship Air Races.

February 2011
President & CEO Mike Houghton welcomes fans to 2011.

January 2011
Interview with Steve Senegal, 2010 Formula One gold winner.

November 2010
Cancellation of Sunday's gold races at the 2010 event.

October 2010
Interview with Team Strega, 2010 Unlimited Gold Champion.

August 2010
Interview with John Parker, Thunder Mustang builder and pilot.

July 2010
A tribute to the volunteers who help make the races happen each year.

June 2010
News from the 2010 Pylon Racing Seminar (PRS).

May 2010
Interview with Marilyn Dash, biplane racer, race number 4.

April 2010
In loving memory of Alfred F. Goss, T-6 racer (1941-2010).

March 2010
Interview with Nick Macy, 2009 T-6 champion.

February 2010
President & CEO Mike Houghton welcomes fans to the 2010 Reno Air Races.

January 2010
A look at the jet class at the National Championship Air Races.

December 2009
Interview with Jeff Watkins, biplane class president.

November 2009
Interview with Bob Button and Will Whiteside from unlimited gold Team Voodoo.

October 2009
Interview with Steven Hinton, 2009 National Air Race unlimited champion.

September 2009
Interview with Dave Cornell, crew chief for unlimited gold racer Rare Bear.

August 2009
Interview with Sherman Smoot, pilot of Czech Mate a modified Yak 11.

July 2009
News from the 2009 Pylon Racing Seminar.

June 2009
Interview with Skip Polak, Reno Stead Airport Manager.

May 2009
Interview with Dave Morss: more laps at Reno than any other pilot.

April 2009
Former NASA Shuttle Commander Robert "Hoot" Gibson talks about racing in Reno.

March 2009
Interview with former racer and current unlimited class pace plane pilot Steve Hinton.

January 2009
Lee Behel, sport class president, talks about the Pylon Racing Seminar.