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High-tech F-22 Raptor and top female aerobatic pilot headline 2014 National Championship Air Races entertainment lineup

2013 Performers

Patriots Team - L-39 Formation Team

 Photo: Courtesy of Patriot Jet TeamPatriot Team

The Patriots Jet Team first debuted in 2003 as a two-ship team and continued to add Jets until 2006 when they became a team of fast-paced, formation flying, choreographed six-ship diamond formation aerobatic maneuvers. They are retired Blue Angel's and Thunderbird's pilots.

Their signature "Tail Slide" where the aircraft actually slides backwards toward the ground is unique to the Patriots and their performances are highlighted by a computerized red, white and blue smoke system.

 They will perform Thursday through Sunday.


David Martin

David Martin
Photo: Courtesy of Mikeshorephoto, Inc.

David Martin's first aerobatics were performed in a 1941 Fleet biplane belonging to his grandfather, a barnstormer in the 1930s who insisted that David learn aerobatics. David started to seriously pursue competition aerobatics in 1994 upon purchasing an Extra 300S. After earning a place on the United States Aerobatic Team in 1997, he has attended four World Aerobatic Championships winning an individual gold medal and three team bronze medals. In 2001, David won the United States National Championship.

He will perform Thursday through Sunday.