Air Race News

High-tech F-22 Raptor and top female aerobatic pilot headline 2014 National Championship Air Races entertainment lineup

General Media Info

Media mapParking for credentialed media is located south of Alpha Avenue and west of Mt. Anderson (lot L3 on the site map). Media representatives who received approval via e-mail for media credentials may check in at the Media Check-In Trailer (H7 on the site map) just inside the West Ramp Vehicle gate (G3 on the site map).

You may check in beginning Monday September 8, 2014 at 6:30 AM. The Media Center check-in trailer will be open daily until 4:00 PM. You must check in each day at the Media Check-In Trailer to receive your credentials for that day.

The Media Operations Center is located at the northwest corner of Sport Class Aircraft Hangar (A1 on the site map).

We are honored to have Nikon Professional Services in the Media Lounge to assist our photographers with their camera needs. They will loan out camera equipment free of charge and will also have a technician available to assist you with your camera needs and cleaning.

Members of the media who have been accredited by the Reno Air Racing Association are provided the following facilities and support:

  • Access to all General Admission and Pit areas
  • Access to the press trailer with power and telephone connections, tables and chairs
  • Press kit with information about the event, participants, community and sponsors
  • Complimentary lunch and beverages, served Wednesday through Sunday of Race Week at the Media Center
  • Access to specific areas on the race course Wednesday through Sunday of Race Week with specific transportation provided by RARA (subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of RARA for safety or operational reasons) including:
    At the East end of the field:
    • Pylon Inner 2 for Biplane and Formula One Class races
    • Pylon Outer 2 for Unlimited, T-6, and Sport Class races
    At the West end of the field:
    • Pylon Inner 5 for Biplane and Formula One Class races
    • Pylon 4 for the T-6 Class Race
    • Pylon 8 of the Unlimited and Sport Class races

Event schedule

The National Championship Air Races most recent schedule can be found on our Event Info page. However, the schedule is subject to change due to weather, safety and flight operational considerations. A current copy of the schedule will be available at the Media Operations center at the beginning of each day.

Pylon rules

While at the pylons, please promptly follow the instructions of your Pylon Bus crew. They are there to help you and to ensure that the buses are able to move in coordination with flight operations — the timelines are extremely tight. Therefore, please be ready to board the buses at the scheduled departure times and, most importantly, be prompt in getting back on the buses at the conclusion of the last race before the buses return to the staging area. It is possible that delaying the departure of a bus may mean that the bus cannot be cleared across the flight line and therefore, you cannot reach your pylon for a particular race — or that your return to the staging area is delayed significantly.

We will do the best we can to adhere to the schedule - however, please be aware that safety considerations come first, and that flight operations have priority over the bus schedule.

Reno Weather

September weather in Reno can be quite variable, with temperatures climbing into the 90s, or descending into the 30s. In fair weather, the sun is quite intense, and there is no shade or shelter at the pylons. Pylon conditions are primitive — other than an irregular cleared area surrounding the pylons themselves, the area is unimproved sagebrush desert. Portable toilets are available.

Our primary concern is safety. Because the media shuttles must cross active flight areas during a very busy flight operations cycle, schedules do not always permit shuttles to return to the Media Staging Area after each race. Please study the shuttle schedules, plan your activities carefully, and be prepared for long periods at the pylons by bringing plenty to drink.