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High-tech F-22 Raptor and top female aerobatic pilot headline 2014 National Championship Air Races entertainment lineup

Air Race Foundation

The Reno Air Racing Foundation was established to educate the public, especially our youth, about the world of aviation, emphasizing the role that air racing has had on the evolution of the aviation industry.

The Foundation works extensively with the local school district to integrate aviation-related skills such as piloting, meteorology, engineering and communications into existing literacy, math, science and history programs. It is intended that this relationship will result in a model which can be offered to school districts across the country.

The Foundation has provided funding for Flight Rallies in northern Nevada in conjunction with the EAA Young Eagles program, which gives youth the opportunity to take flight with a qualified pilot as an exciting introduction to the world of aviation.

Future plans include development of an Air Racing Museum, Science Center and Library open to the public and structured as an interactive learning center for everyone to enjoy.

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Reno Air Racing Foundation

14501 Mt. Anderson Street

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